Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Main Causes Of Erectile DysfunctionThey can always have some emotional or physical aspect when it comes to achieving a healthy erection.

There are people who believe that this condition is a part of the aging process, and although it might be one cause, this is only a simplification.

Obviously, this process is multifaceted and sometimes is not easy to discover the main cause of erectile dysfunction.

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction can be psychological or physical. They are divided in a few groups:

Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological states

We all live in those times where stress, anxiety, depression, guilt and all kind of worries, lead to loss of sexual desire, lower our libido and cause erectile dysfunction. Once you experience erectile dysfunction, there is a big chance it’ll happen again, because you worry too much.

Once you performed bad and you feel guilty about that, there is a big chance you’ll repeat it again and that could lead to chronic problems and result in impotence. Depression is a big factor in male impotence, and it also affects all other aspects of your life 1.

We are all familiar with changes in mood and it’s a normal phenomenon in human life. But depressed people just can’t explain their reasons for being in that state. They just feel sad and helpless. Depression could be a big cause of erectile dysfunction.


Prescribed and/or Illegal Drugs – There are just too much drugs with prescription that are known cause of impotence. For example antidepressants (Though they are beneficial for your depression, they cause a mass of side effects.

That could be a weight-loss, sensitivity to sun, and a bunch of sexual side effects, like difficulty to achieve orgasm, loss of libido, and erectile dysfunction).

Then, there are drugs for high blood pressure (When the heart beats, it produces blood pressure, which is a main force that pushes blood in the arteries.

It also pushes blood into your penis. Using those kind of drugs lower your blood pressure, lower the amount of blood in your penis, and obviously could lead into impotence). Also, drugs for heart diseases, sedatives, tranquilizers and others must be considered as potential causes of erectile dysfunction.

Illegal drugs or alcohol can also lead into impotence and other nervous and vascular problems. If you experience ED problems, talk to your doctor, as there are many replacement medications that can lower the risks.

Vascular Diseases

Vascular Diseases – Though vascular diseases, as a cause of ED, are more associated with older men, it can also affects younger population 2.

The narrowing and hardening of the arteries is a disease called arteriosclerosis. It’s a state with decreased blood flow through the body and also through your penis, and it’s highly associated with impotence.

There are many high risk factors that lead to vascular diseases and causes of erectile dysfunction, like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

High blood pressure levels also called hypertension can cause major changes in the blood vessels. This may restrict the flow of blood for your penile tissues, which leads to problems in the bed.

Damage of the Veins – When blood comes to the penis, it must stay there for successful erection.

Miscellaneous damages, injuries or diseases of the penile veins, can lead to blood leaks from the penile veins and cause the loss of erection.


Alcohol. Excessive abusive drinking is definitely one of the most prevalent reasons for Erectile dysfunction. Alcohol dependency can result in less male hormones i.e testosterone, which usually cause ED.


It’s a state of the system with huge amounts of blood sugar in the body. High blood sugar leads to small blood vessels damage (like the ones in your penis).

High percentage of men with diabetes, experience erectile dysfunction, as blood flow, essential for erection, is narrowed. This is one of the leading causes of ED.

Hormonal Disorders

It’s not one of the main causes of ED but must be declared as potential one. It’s mainly related to reduced levels of testosterone.

Some liver and kidney diseases can lead to hormonal instability and result in Erectile Dysfunction and loss of libido.

Radiation Therapy and/or Surgery

Radiation therapy, after cancer removal, can damage the nerves associated with penile erection.

Also, all kind of the surgeries associated with prostate, rectum or bladder can damage small blood vessels involved with successful erection.

Those nerves affected by the surgeries are not responsible for excitement and sensitivity of your penis, only erection is affected and thus it’s a potential cause of erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie’s Disease

It’s associated with shape of your penis during the erection. Bended or curved penis could lead to painful erections.

Peyronie’s Disease is not related to the patients age, but it’s more common to middle aged men. This disease can cause severe ED problems 3.

Neurological Problems

Brain stroke or spinal cord injuries are common neurological problems, that can lower or cut nerve impulses on their way from the brain to the penis.

There are more neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and multiple sclerosis, which can also be the causes of erectile dysfunction.


ED is much more likely to take place like as men get older, especially after 50. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is actually 35% in men 40 years of age, and 70% in men older than 65 years of age.

Nevertheless, male impotence can happen in both young and old males.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

With today’s achievements in sexual medicine, you don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction all your life. It is very possible nowadays to successfully fix erectile dysfunction.

There are many methods in treatment of ED and the approach is always from least to most invasive.

Since the introduction of prescription medicines for ED treatments, like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, millions of men around the world successfully treated their erectile dysfunction problems.

But the side effects they are experiencing while taking those meds are just too intrusive to deal with.

Potentially deadly loss of blood pressure, headaches, problems with indigestion, face flushing are just a few of side effects that made many men to search for another solution for fixing their ED problems…

Fighting Causes of Erectile Dysfunction with Herbal Supplements

In their searches for effective ED treatment replacements, men turned to natural herbal supplements. They give the same results, they are inexpensive comparing to prescription meds and are free of side effects.

Lots of prescription drugs are, actually, made using ancient herbal medicines at its core. Natural aphrodisiacs and herbal sex boosters, are used centuries ago for fixing erectile dysfunction problems of our forefathers.

At the Institute of Sexology (Paris), there was a study about effectiveness of sexual herbal supplements on about 300 patients.

It showed that over 65% of them experienced substantial improvement in their, before lost, libido. About 72% of them reported significant boosts in sexual desire and much better sexual performance.

On another study, conducted on about 200 men with powerless erections and expressed sexual weaknesses, over 90% of them reported ability to, actually, produce erection suitable for normal sexual intercourse, by just using natural herbal supplements in their daily dietary program.

Proven Herbal Fix for ED

Viasil Herbal Supplements come with bunch of natural ingredients like Pomegranate, Tribulus Terrestrius, Citrus Sinensis, Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and Zinc.

Their sexual productivity and effectiveness has been medically proven to improve sexual performance and fix many erectile dysfunction problems.

For example, they increase the levels of dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin and other hormones that improve sexual energy levels, while decreasing the stress hormones which are responsible for weak sex performance and overall exhaustiveness.

Natural alternative For Viagra

Viasil pills directly affect corpus cavernosum, thus significantly improve your hardness and ability to maintain long erections.

Viasilâ„¢, compared to prescription drugs, is a inexpensive substitute for fixing ED problems.

It is somewhat slower than prescription drugs, as it needs about 30 minutes to work, but unlike prescription drugs, it is completely safe .

Give it a shot, it’s just one pill before planned sex activity, plus it may provide you a long term answer to erectile dysfunction problems as well.

Believe us, you can successfully fight causes of erectile dysfunction with such natural products.

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