Thick Semen – How To Make Your Semen Thick

Thick Semen – How To Make Your Semen Thick

Thick Semen Benefits

One thing every red-blooded man has in common is that they all want to perform better in bed. Even those few men who are more naturally well-endowed than the rest of us and can shoot bucketloads of semen want to be able to produce more.

There are many benefits to having increased and thicker sperm.

Many men love being able to ejaculate as much semen as an adult film star. Others want to have more intense ejaculations and be able to produce more sperm to increase their fertility.

The more semen you ejaculate, the more confidence you will have in your lovemaking abilities.

Thick Semen ProductionIt is amazing how much the amount of semen you produce when you climax can affect your sexual confidence.

Many men find that once they start to have bigger loads, the more women they start to get into bed.

Being able to produce a massive amount of semen is the key to getting more women.

Imagine being so confident that you feel that any woman you talk to, you can get into bed.

You will know that your ejaculate will be powerful. Shoot your load further and with more power each time you climax.

Your partner will be impressed and will want you to satisfy them more often. Your ability to ejaculate like a porn star will give you more confidence in not just your sexual abilities, but your life in general.

It is amazing how much sexual performance can affect other aspects of your life. Men who shoot weak loads often are timid and meek.

Men who can ejaculate large loads of thick semen will not only be confident in bed, but in other areas. They are more confident at work and everywhere else.

When you shoot a bigger load you will know that you are a stud. Do you ever hear a woman talk about a man who shoots a small load without laughing? Do you ever hear guys talk about how little semen they ejaculated? No.

Thick Semen Means Higher Sperm Count

Thick semen is associated with better fertility and a higher sperm count.

Many men who are having trouble getting their partners pregnant trying hard to increase their sperm production and make their semen as thick as possible.

Thick Semen Better FertilityAn increased sperm count allows you to have a better chance of impregnating a woman. The more sperm you produce will give you a better chance at becoming a father.

Not just this, thin or watery semen is often considered to be a sign of weakness.

Though it is an entirely different matter whether these statements are true or not, what is important is that having the right consistency and amount of semen can turn your partner on.

And also give you intense and mind-blowing orgasms resulting in a satisfying and highly pleasurable sexual experience for both yourself and your woman.

Having thick semen is a turn-on factor compared to thin, watery semen. How can you achieve this?

How to Make Your Semen Thick

Proper diet, exercise, a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep are some of the factors that can play an important role in the production of semen.

However, what men should also be aware of are secrets on how to increase the amount of semen they ejaculate and ways that ensure the quality of their semen.

The secret method to get thick semen is available in the form of supplements which are produced by drug companies with the intention to boost the male ejaculate, postpone orgasm, strengthen fertility and make semen fuller, whiter and healthier.

What are the “miracle ingredients” for thick semen?

Well, there is no miracle here, just pure science…


This natural ingredient has been proven in clinical trials to stimulate growth hormones and testosterone production 1. If you want to get it up, keep it up and experience explosive orgasms, this is a great ingredient you are sure to appreciate.

Zinc for thick semen

Look for a healthy dose of zinc in any product you are thinking of buying. Zinc is a proven ingredient that is vital for producing energy in our cells. The best semen products contain high amounts of Zinc and the increase in the volume of your load will be enough to convince you that it works 2.


Believe it or not, pomegranate, if enriched with ellagic acid is well-known as nature’s own viagra. You probably don’t have to be told what viagra can do for your libido. This stuff does the same, but with no danger of harmful side effects.

But what is more important here, pomegranate can greatly improve your sperm quality 3.


Next on the list of most important ingredients is Cordyceps. If taken regularly, Cordyceps produces chemicals in the body that support your testosterone, improve sperm quality and quantity 4 and increase your sexual appetite and stamina.

Before you rush out and buy the first product you see that includes all of these key ingredients, check out the levels of them the product contains. There are a lot of scams in this market and some brands just contain minute doses of these ingredients.

Use the product that contains them in the highest dosages you can find. Even if it costs a little more, it will be well worth it.

A lot of the negative publicity that semen enhancers get stems from the fact that so many products don’t contain enough active ingredients to make them work.

Disgruntled buyers conclude that these natural ingredients don’t work, but that’s just not the case. You just need to buy from a reputable company that gives you what you pay for.

Male Extra Can Help You Get Thick Semen

It’s about time now that you learn about Male Extra supplement.

How To Make Your Semen ThickIt is a breakthrough product that, besides other benefits, increases semen volume and help men achieve mind-blowing orgasms which are longer and more intense.

Male Extra consists of vitamins and minerals needed by your body to produce healthier, thicker and larger load of cum.

Male Extra is a mix of clinically proven ingredients mentioned above that not only boost your semen volume but also ensure forceful ejaculations.

You can easily produce way more semen with these pills that are clinically approved. Not just this, these pills can also increase the force with which you shoot semen so that you can enjoy more powerful and intense ejaculations that can heighten pleasure to a new level.

You can enjoy every sexual encounter with an increase in semen volume and thickness, better self esteem and an increase in sexual energy and desire.

It is easy. Simply take this supplement everyday and be able to increase your sperm output.

You can also ejaculate a large amount and impress your partners as well as have a more powerful and amazing orgasm. The pills work and are guaranteed to be effective.

The amount of ejaculate matters in every sexual act. It can be the subject of every woman’s sexual fantasy.

Women love men who can ejaculate large amounts. It is common knowledge that a man who can shoot a large load of sperm will have more sex.

And Male Extra can make you enjoy intense love making that your woman will also love. Your sexual partner will be amazed at how much sperm you ejaculate during sex and want you again and again.

Being able to shoot big loads will allow you to be the stud you always wanted to be, but never thought you could become. Simply by taking Male Extra each day will allow you to be more confident in bed, get more sexual partners and be more confident in life. Don’t wait.

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