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Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Main Causes Of Erectile DysfunctionThey can always have some emotional or physical aspect when it comes to achieving a healthy erection.

There are people who believe that this condition is a part of the aging process, and although it might be one cause, this is only a simplification.

Obviously, this process is multifaceted and sometimes is not easy to discover the main cause of erectile dysfunction.

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction can be psychological or physical. They are divided in a few groups:

Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological states

We all live in those times where stress, anxiety, depression, guilt and all kind of worries, lead to loss of sexual desire, lower our libido and cause erectile dysfunction. Once you experience erectile dysfunction, there is a big chance it’ll happen again, because you worry too much.

Once you performed bad and you feel guilty about that, there is a big chance you’ll repeat it again and that could lead to chronic problems and result in impotence. Depression is a big factor in male impotence, and it also affects all other aspects of your life 1.

We are all familiar with changes in mood and it’s a normal phenomenon in human life. But depressed people just can’t explain their reasons for being in that state. They just feel sad and helpless. Depression could be a big cause of erectile dysfunction.


Prescribed and/or Illegal Drugs – There are just too much drugs with prescription that are known cause of impotence. For example antidepressants (Though they are beneficial for your depression, they cause a mass of side effects.

That could be a weight-loss, sensitivity to sun, and a bunch of sexual side effects, like difficulty to achieve orgasm, loss of libido, and erectile dysfunction).

Then, there are drugs for high blood pressure (When the heart beats, it produces blood pressure, which is a main force that pushes blood in the arteries.

It also pushes blood into your penis. Using those kind of drugs lower your blood pressure, lower the amount of blood in your penis, and obviously could lead into impotence). Also, drugs for heart diseases, sedatives, tranquilizers and others must be considered as potential causes of erectile dysfunction.

Illegal drugs or alcohol can also lead into impotence and other nervous and vascular problems. If you experience ED problems, talk to your doctor, as there are many replacement medications that can lower the risks.

Vascular Diseases

Vascular Diseases – Though vascular diseases, as a cause of ED, are more associated with older men, it can also affects younger population 2.

The narrowing and hardening of the arteries is a disease called arteriosclerosis. It’s a state with decreased blood flow through the body and also through your penis, and it’s highly associated with impotence.

There are many high risk factors that lead to vascular diseases and causes of erectile dysfunction, like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

High blood pressure levels also called hypertension can cause major changes in the blood vessels. This may restrict the flow of blood for your penile tissues, which leads to problems in the bed.

Damage of the Veins – When blood comes to the penis, it must stay there for successful erection.

Miscellaneous damages, injuries or diseases of the penile veins, can lead to blood leaks from the penile veins and cause the loss of erection.


Alcohol. Excessive abusive drinking is definitely one of the most prevalent reasons for Erectile dysfunction. Alcohol dependency can result in less male hormones i.e testosterone, which usually cause ED.


It’s a state of the system with huge amounts of blood sugar in the body. High blood sugar leads to small blood vessels damage (like the ones in your penis).

High percentage of men with diabetes, experience erectile dysfunction, as blood flow, essential for erection, is narrowed. This is one of the leading causes of ED.

Hormonal Disorders

It’s not one of the main causes of ED but must be declared as potential one. It’s mainly related to reduced levels of testosterone.

Some liver and kidney diseases can lead to hormonal instability and result in Erectile Dysfunction and loss of libido.

Radiation Therapy and/or Surgery

Radiation therapy, after cancer removal, can damage the nerves associated with penile erection.

Also, all kind of the surgeries associated with prostate, rectum or bladder can damage small blood vessels involved with successful erection.

Those nerves affected by the surgeries are not responsible for excitement and sensitivity of your penis, only erection is affected and thus it’s a potential cause of erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie’s Disease

It’s associated with shape of your penis during the erection. Bended or curved penis could lead to painful erections.

Peyronie’s Disease is not related to the patients age, but it’s more common to middle aged men. This disease can cause severe ED problems 3.

Neurological Problems

Brain stroke or spinal cord injuries are common neurological problems, that can lower or cut nerve impulses on their way from the brain to the penis.

There are more neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and multiple sclerosis, which can also be the causes of erectile dysfunction.


ED is much more likely to take place like as men get older, especially after 50. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is actually 35% in men 40 years of age, and 70% in men older than 65 years of age.

Nevertheless, male impotence can happen in both young and old males.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

With today’s achievements in sexual medicine, you don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction all your life. It is very possible nowadays to successfully fix erectile dysfunction.

There are many methods in treatment of ED and the approach is always from least to most invasive.

Since the introduction of prescription medicines for ED treatments, like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, millions of men around the world successfully treated their erectile dysfunction problems.

But the side effects they are experiencing while taking those meds are just too intrusive to deal with.

Potentially deadly loss of blood pressure, headaches, problems with indigestion, face flushing are just a few of side effects that made many men to search for another solution for fixing their ED problems…

Fighting Causes of Erectile Dysfunction with Herbal Supplements

In their searches for effective ED treatment replacements, men turned to natural herbal supplements. They give the same results, they are inexpensive comparing to prescription meds and are free of side effects.

Lots of prescription drugs are, actually, made using ancient herbal medicines at its core. Natural aphrodisiacs and herbal sex boosters, are used centuries ago for fixing erectile dysfunction problems of our forefathers.

At the Institute of Sexology (Paris), there was a study about effectiveness of sexual herbal supplements on about 300 patients.

It showed that over 65% of them experienced substantial improvement in their, before lost, libido. About 72% of them reported significant boosts in sexual desire and much better sexual performance.

On another study, conducted on about 200 men with powerless erections and expressed sexual weaknesses, over 90% of them reported ability to, actually, produce erection suitable for normal sexual intercourse, by just using natural herbal supplements in their daily dietary program.

Proven Herbal Fix for ED

Viasil Herbal Supplements come with bunch of natural ingredients like Pomegranate, Tribulus Terrestrius, Citrus Sinensis, Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and Zinc.

Their sexual productivity and effectiveness has been medically proven to improve sexual performance and fix many erectile dysfunction problems.

For example, they increase the levels of dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin and other hormones that improve sexual energy levels, while decreasing the stress hormones which are responsible for weak sex performance and overall exhaustiveness.

Natural alternative For Viagra

Viasil pills directly affect corpus cavernosum, thus significantly improve your hardness and ability to maintain long erections.

Viasil™, compared to prescription drugs, is a inexpensive substitute for fixing ED problems.

It is somewhat slower than prescription drugs, as it needs about 30 minutes to work, but unlike prescription drugs, it is completely safe .

Give it a shot, it’s just one pill before planned sex activity, plus it may provide you a long term answer to erectile dysfunction problems as well.

Believe us, you can successfully fight causes of erectile dysfunction with such natural products.

Testosterone Supplements Are Increasingly Popular

Testosterone Supplements Are Increasingly Popular

Testosterone Supplements Report

Testosterone is the hormone that is not only important from the point of view of better sexual performance and libido but also because it can help you get more energy and feel younger than your age.

We want to explain what happens in the male body when you turn 25 or somewhere around that age. Namely, you enter what is now being commonly referred to as andropause.

You may conclude for yourself that this is a play on the term menopause which denotes the change that female body goes through once the woman is not fertile anymore and once the body starts producing significantly less estrogen.

In men, this change starts occurring sooner and while it is not as dramatic at first as menopause is, the accumulative effects of it can produce similar effects that will rarely be considered beneficial.

Namely, in the male body, after you turn around 25, two crucial hormones, testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) start being produced in lower quantities.

This decrease in production advances at a rate of 10% every decade, which means that by the time you are 50, you are producing 25% less of these hormones, which has a detrimental negative effect on pretty much every aspect of your physical and mental health.

Low Testosterone Levels Symptoms

We will now name only some of the negative effects that the reduced production of these hormones can have on the male body and mind.

Decrease in sexual function and all its aspects, diminished physical appearance including the condition and health of the skin, hair, nails, etc, weight gain that cannot be explained by anything else but hormonal change, reduced immune responses to illnesses, infections, etc, reduced levels of energy and stamina, increased fatigue, reduced concentration capabilities, mood swings, decreased mood, etc.

The list goes on nearly without end.

Real Testosterone Supplements

A lot of men are now using testosterone supplements, shots and gels to overcome age effects. In fact, it has become sort of a trend and T-clinics are coming up almost everywhere.

For instance, according to a report in Sky News, Australia testosterone product use has surged 115% from about 29000 products dispensed in 2005 to 62000 in 2010. And this largely due to marketing of a new gel.

Natural Testosterone SupplementsThese products that have been marketed in Australia and Canada found ways to skirt advertising laws by warning that symptoms of low T-levels includes low energy, low libido, and even falling asleep after dinner.

Advertisements by two companies which ran in Australia and Canada in the past four years encouraged men with the symptoms to see their doctor for a testosterone test and ask about new treatments.

Australian and Canadian researchers said low testosterone was an unlikely cause of these symptoms.

Researchers found that testosterone therapy can produce a lot of side effects and even increases the chances of prostate cancer among men. Gel or injections should not be taken without consulting a doctor.

A lot of people tend to play with their hormones thinking that it might help them get back their energy and youthfulness. Though, you might experience a surge in your energy levels and feel better, side effects can be worse.

A recent study of testosterone replacement in older men was stopped early because of increased rates of adverse cardiovascular events, the authors wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia on Monday.

The authors said the advertisements which ran in national newspapers were classic examples of ‘disease mongering’.

The researchers argued that unbranded product advertising or ‘pseudo-branding’ should be discouraged through tougher penalties.

Some facts about testosterone

  1. It is the principle male hormone that is produced in the testes.
  2. It is the hormone that gives men their male characteristics and features.
  3. During puberty, young boys experience an influx of this hormone that leads to the growth of penis and development of other secondary male characteristics such as growth of facial and torso hair, pubic hair, deepening of voice etc.,
  4. It is also the hormone that is behind muscle growth in men.
  5. It also controls bone density in men.
  6. This hormone also influences mood levels in men.
  7. Testosterone production begins plummeting with age, particularly after 30.
  8. Excess body fat, lack of exercise, alcohol abuse, stress, depression, lack of sleep etc., are some of the factors that can lead to a rapid drop in testosterone in middle age men.
  9. Some of the common symptoms include low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and loss of energy, loss of lean muscle, weight gain around the waist and the buttocks, lack of concentration etc.,

Though testosterone therapy is one answer to low T-levels, it can trigger a lot of side effects in your body. Any synthetic hormone can upset your endocrine system and lead to unwanted and nasty side effects.

How To Improve Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

You can enhance testosterone naturally in your body with the help of some easy tips. Here are a few:

Get Into Strength Training – Lifting weights can help boost T-levels in your body. This is why men who workout regularly look younger than their age. This is because strength training not only stimulates hormones in your body but also helps boost the production of human growth hormone or HGH that has been applauded as the Fountain of Youth.

Eat Right – To boost testosterone, your diet must include moderate amount of proteins. It should also include essential fats like Omega 3. However, you must cut out on carbs and simple sugars and fat. Moreover, you must have foods that are rich in zinc, magnesium and selenium etc.,

Sleep Tight – Your body needs at least 7-8 hours of rest or peaceful sleep in order to maintain an optimum production of important hormones. Try to hit the best early so that you can get enough sleep.

No Stress – Stress can affect you in many ways. It can disturb you mentally and also take a toll on your testosterone production. Try to relax and do deep breathing exercise. They can be a great help in reducing stress. Other ways of reducing stress include yoga, meditation etc., A light body massage can also be a great help.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

TestoGenIn addition to the above, natural testosterone supplements like Testogen can also be a great help.

If you have never heard of Testogen before, then it is about time to do so. If you have heard of it and you simply wish to learn more about this fantastic dietary supplement than this is the blog that you were looking for.

Our main goal is to provide the general public (mostly men) with information that will let them know what they can expect from this product and we only hope that our objective info will persuade you to give it a try.

We know how beneficial Testogen can be and we believe that all men deserve to benefit from the amazing properties of this stunning product.

Testogen is a natural product that can help you with all of these effects of aging.

Namely, in this formula, you will find a wide variety of natural ingredients that have been proven to increase the production of HGH and testosterone by stimulating the appropriate glands.

Testogen does not contain synthetic hormones that might result in adverse effects to your health. It is a simple natural stimulation of production of these hormones, which results in alleviation of all the aforementioned symptoms.

In addition to these, Testogen also contains a wide variety of additional beneficial ingredients that are also perfectly natural and safe and that can contribute to all the anti-aging properties of Testogen.

These ingredients include powerful antioxidants, natural aphrodisiacs like ginseng, as well as some other ingredients that further promote your health and your appearance.

Testogen is a natural product that will take some time to produce all of the wanted effects, but the good news is that if you stick with it and use it regularly, you can expect many of the negative effects of aging to subside and to even be reversed altogether.

It is a blend of age proven herbs and other natural ingredients that make your body produce more testosterone without any side effects.

This is a high quality supplement made in a cGMP certified lab that can ensure a complete body makeover for men.

For more than 4 years, Testogen has helped thousands of men regain their optimal and sexual vigor naturally.

It is truly a product that every man should try and that every man should be entitled to in order to battle advancing age.

Read more about Testogen, natural testosterone supplements

Weak Erection Cure

Weak Erection Cure

Would You Like To Cure Weak Erection?!

No marriage or relationship can be sweet and interesting without a satisfactory sex. Weak erection can frustrate the most powerful Love ever recorded.

How do you feel as a man, when you find yourself in this kind of situation? Good, happy, satisfied? Never, it can’t be! You will feel less a man, frustrated, depressed, ashamed and inferior.

It is something never to be ashamed of, bearing in mind that any problem hidden is solution hidden. You don’t need to die in silence when you have the solution to your problem right in front of you; staring at you and waiting for you to grab it.

The amazing thing is that you can henceforth give your woman a satisfactory hot sex that would leave her dreaming of you both during the day and at night, when you are not there.

What Are The Causes of Weak Erection

The weak erection during sexual intercourse could occur when the 2 small blood vessels don’t receive enough blood from your heart and the lining of blood vessels too weak to get to the penis. It could be described as inability to keep an erection strong enough during intercourse.

The disruption of blood circulation to the penile vein is a main cause of weakness of penis during sexual intercourse.

However, there are other causes to the weakness in erection like cardiovascular problems, prostate operations, diabetes , multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and age.

Tests has proved that it has affected millions of men in the world today. If it happens occasionally with man having experience at early stage does not mean that one has weak erection; it is normal and should not be worry, but if the problem persists for more than 2 months, one should see his doctor.

How To Cure Weak Erection

Prosolution Gel – The Fastest Weak Erection Cure

Do you love your woman, do you wish that she remains your own, do you want to see her leave you for another man, all because you cannot match up in bed?

If your answer to these is No, then you should take a simple but drastic step today, which will leave you happy all the day long.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, or you want to have the ability to perform at the drop of a hat, you might be interested in Prosolution Gel.

According to Prosolution Gel reviews, the product allows to you achieve and maintain rock hard erections like no other.

Prosolution Gel is a product that you apply which allows you to perform longer and better. Not only does your performance improve, your sexual pleasure will improve as well.

That’s right – according to the manufacturer’s claims, not only will you get massive erections, but sex will also feel better.

It sounds like it is too good to be true, but according to the online reviews, the product delivers exactly what it promises.

Pro Solution GelIf you are having difficulty getting or maintaining erections, or you just want to give yourself a little boost, this enhancement gel can help you overcome your weak erection.

According to the reviews left online by satisfied customers, it really does the trick. One customer said that he suffered from erectile dysfunction, but that when he uses this cream it is just like he is a teenager again.

Another customer said that she bought it for her fiance because things in the bedroom needed spicing up, and that she was very happy with the results. According to her, the effects of Prosolution Gel were very noticeable.

One buyer who left a review online said that once he entered his forties, he started having trouble keeping up with his girlfriend, who is considerably younger. But once he began taking this supplement, he said that he started to outperform her in the bedroom.

Many men who went online to leave comments were impressed by the effectiveness of this topical enhancement gel.

One man said that he liked how he did not have to leave his residence in order to buy and receive Prosolution Gel at his house. He wrote that the idea of getting male performance enhancers at the store made him terribly uncomfortable and self-conscious, so he was happy that Prosolution Gel was available on the market.

Don’t Let Weak Erections Ruin Your Life!

Some men can last on top of their women for 20 to 30 minutes after penetration, while some would take close to an hour trying to get erection.

The psychology of this at this point is that the woman feels disappointed and frustrated, she begins to lack interest in the foreplay, because she must have gotten to her peak and expected you to come in, but alas, you’re still there battling with becoming hard – this is not a good one at all.

While some penis become as hard and erect as an anaconda, some will remain in their snail-like movement of weak erection that only leave the woman wishing she had a stronger man to take her.

Weak Erection ProblemWhen this happens, you leave the woman with these thoughts; “I wish I have a strong man to handle me, I wish I had married my ex, I wish I didn’t marry this man” and stuffs like that.

You become ‘this man’ in the life and heart of your partner.

Where do you this would lead to, and how long do you think she would cope with this relationship-threatening challenge?

Take a look at the face of your woman after a powerful sexual intercourse, and try to compare the look when she does not get it HOT, you’ll observe a big difference there.

She might not discuss it with you but she will sure, be disappointed in you.

Every time you get started in bed, all of a sudden you are ready to finish within minutes or you’re finding it difficult to get erection, even after your woman had given you a ‘blow job’ your body tenses up, your breathing gets heightened like someone who has just miraculously escaped being eaten up by a lion … and one hour on it, you’re still not hard enough to penetrate.

She screams and mourns until her throat is dried of saliva, she is wet under until she becomes dry and stiff again. She looks up at you with a mixture and frustration… she gives you a pitiful “it’s okay” but deep down, she really wishes you could pounce on her and give her the sex of the century.

You know it, she knows it, and you can see it in her eyes – erectile dysfunction (weak erection) has just beaten you down to it! Don’t let this happen to you ever again!

Male Extra – A Long-Term Weak Erection Fix

Oral supplements like Male Extra can help you to treat the root cause of weak erection problems.

They are rich in various nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can help you with your erections, but will also improve your sexual health in general.

Male Extra is a good quality male enhancement supplement which is vastly used these days due to its analyzed and confirmed effectiveness in dealing with the problems of weak erection and functionality during sexual activity.

Male Extra ingredients are clinically tested and had gone through detailed analysis one year prior to it’s launch on the market.

Actually, the manufacturers of Male Extra have utilized their 10 years of know-how in developing this highly effective sex enhancement supplement which makes it beneficial and really effective.

Male Extra consists of highly effective compounds known to supply its users with remarkable degree of energy all through sexual intercourse.

Male Extra PillsEach of the components in this product is confirmed safe to use due to the fact they are organic elements which can be quickly absorbed by the human body.

In addition these ingredients make the men’s body generate a lot more testosterone, a vital hormonal element for powerful orgasms.

You may not know this, but pomegranate is really the fruit that can deal with your weak erection and is incorporated in this pill as well.

Keep in mind, the sought after effects such as greater sexual desire, stronger erections, longer endurance and improved sperm count will have steady developments over ongoing use.

The suggested Male Extra dose is 3 pills every day. You need to take them on a regular basis until you acquire your preferred results. You may take the supplement anytime you like.

But it is suggested that you ought to take the supplement at the same time day after day so you don’t forget using it. Moreover, it is more effective if you take it following the meal.

If you stick to all these recommendations you will be absolutely safe and gain excellent results.

Andropause Supplements – How To Beat Male Menopause

Andropause Supplements – How To Beat Male Menopause

Help With Male Menopause

It is no just women who suffer with a hormonal shift in middle age. Men too experience a drop in the production of their male sex hormone or Testosterone. This drop in testosterone levels is gradual and most of the time, men lose it at the rate of 1-1.5% a year.

However over time, it can translate into a bog loss. For instant, most men are at least 10-15% short of normal testosterone levels by the time they reach 40 and begin showing the effects.

Low testosterone in men is what triggers Andropause or what is being referred as the male form of menopause.

Some of the most common effects of low testosterone or Andropause include poor libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of lean muscle mass, excessive body fat and a slow working metabolism, mood swings, depression etc., What is certain is that a drop in testosterone levels can bring about a lot of changes in both your body as well as behavior.

6 Steps To Beat Aging In Men


There is nothing that can be more effective than working out regularly. This is something that comes from my own personal experience. I am 37 now and have been gymming since I was 18. Though I joined gym to pack on more muscles, I kind of hooked on to bodybuilding later on. And it is now that I notice a big difference in the way I look and my friends do who never lifted a dumbbell in their life.

Exercise is not just great to boost your energy and stamina but is also extremely effective in increasing blood circulation in your body. Healthy blood flow throughout the body is what makes you keep going. Not just this, exercise is also highly effective in increasing testosterone production in men.

Most men begin experiencing a drop in their T-levels after 30. This is an age related change in the body and the only way to slow it down is with the help of a regular workout.

So, try to hit the gym at least 4-5 days a weeks. It not only keeps you fit but also helps you keep your weight under check. Controlling body fat is half exercise and half your diet. But one of the most important benefits of working out regularly is that you tend to get more strict with your diet. This is where it really counts.

Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol is a suppressant and it tends to slower your responses. Not just this, it also slows down metabolism and results in increased fat accumulation in your body.

Excess body fat, in turn, lowers testosterone production. Lower level of testosterone further slows down your metabolism. This tends to become a vicious spiral.

Another damaging effect of alcohol is that it can make it difficult for you to get harder erections resulting in erectile dysfunction and extreme stress thereof.

No More Smoking

Though a lot of young guys take to smoking thinking it to be a highly fashionable thing to do but the fact of the matter is that there is nothing smart or fashionable about those cigarette butts.

Nicotine is highly dangerous and it tends to build up plaque in your arteries leading to reduced circulation of blood throughout.

This reduced circulation of blood not only leads to reduced libido but also can also result in erectile problems. Some of the other damaging effects include lung cancer etc.,

Another effect if smoking is that it can speed up the process of getting wrinkles. This can make you look older than your years.

So, try to stay away from those cigarettes if you want to look young and stay healthy.

Be Calm

Too much of stress is bad for your overall health and mental well being. Stress tends to lower both testosterone and HGH levels in men. These are the hormones that keep you young and healthy.

Controlling your anger is the first step to cut down in stress in your life.

Some of the best ways to beat stress include yoga and meditation. A lot of people find prayer to be extremely helpful too. Another way to cut down stress in your life is to go on vacation where you can just relax.

Even a light body massage can be quite relaxing.

Don’t Forget To Have Your Share Of Antioxidants

Foods and fruits that are rich in antioxidants can be great help beat age related problems. This is because antioxidants neutralize free radicals that tend to damage cells and tissues in your body. This is why they are supposed to be great for anti aging.

Some of the best sources of antioxidants include strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates etc., Green tea is yet another highly effective source of antioxidant. Try to include them in your diet and you would feel much more healthier. Over time, they will make you look younger than your age too.

Try Testogen

Testogen is a natural anti aging supplement for men that is made with age proven herbs, amino acids and other nutrients that stimulate the production of testosterone, HGH and DHEA in men.

This is tried and tested supplement and over the past 4 years, thousands of men have been able to restore their sexual and overall health with this supplement.

It can help wipe off at least a decade or two from your body and face and the best part is that it does not have any kinds of side effects.

Andropause Supplements – How To Beat Male MenopauseOne of the best ways to help you get over Andropause is with the help of regular and intense exercise. However, it might not always be enough to help you combat the effects of male form of menopause and this is where supplements come in.

Such supplements help stimulate the production of testosterone in your body. A lot of men take tribulus terrestris supplements to help their bodies produce more testosterone of their own.

Tribulus is one herb that is known to increase your T levels. It does not increases the production of testosterone directly. What it actually does is that it helps stimulate Lutenizing Hormone in your pituitary gland.

Increased production of LH, in turn stimulates leydig cells in your testes to produce and secrete more testosterone.

testogen-160x600aNot just this, D-aspartic acid supplements are also known to boost your T levels. D-aspartic acid not only increases testosterone in men but is also effective in increasing the production of HGH or human growth hormone.

In addition to this, it also helps increase nitric oxide secretion in your body.

Nitric oxide is the sex chemical that helps smooth penile muscles relax so that blood vessels that supply blood to the penis can open up and more blood can flow into the penis resulting in a a hard and stiff erection. Nitric oxide is a precursor to getting a hard and stiff erection.

By increasing blood flow to the genitals it also helps boost libido or sex drive.

Apart from the above, Testogen is one supplement that has been specially formulated with a man’s needs in mind.

It is a complete solution to help men overcome andropause or male menopause.

It is a mix of all natural ingredients and herbs including Tribulus terrestris, D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek extract, Panax Ginseng, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B complex etc., that helps stimulate the production of both testosterone and HGH in men.

It works slowly in your body and does not have any kinds of side effects. Thousands of men have used it over the past 6 years and have been able to improve their overall health and sex lives with it.

Thick Semen – How To Make Your Semen Thick

Thick Semen – How To Make Your Semen Thick

Thick Semen Benefits

One thing every red-blooded man has in common is that they all want to perform better in bed. Even those few men who are more naturally well-endowed than the rest of us and can shoot bucketloads of semen want to be able to produce more.

There are many benefits to having increased and thicker sperm.

Many men love being able to ejaculate as much semen as an adult film star. Others want to have more intense ejaculations and be able to produce more sperm to increase their fertility.

The more semen you ejaculate, the more confidence you will have in your lovemaking abilities.

Thick Semen ProductionIt is amazing how much the amount of semen you produce when you climax can affect your sexual confidence.

Many men find that once they start to have bigger loads, the more women they start to get into bed.

Being able to produce a massive amount of semen is the key to getting more women.

Imagine being so confident that you feel that any woman you talk to, you can get into bed.

You will know that your ejaculate will be powerful. Shoot your load further and with more power each time you climax.

Your partner will be impressed and will want you to satisfy them more often. Your ability to ejaculate like a porn star will give you more confidence in not just your sexual abilities, but your life in general.

It is amazing how much sexual performance can affect other aspects of your life. Men who shoot weak loads often are timid and meek.

Men who can ejaculate large loads of thick semen will not only be confident in bed, but in other areas. They are more confident at work and everywhere else.

When you shoot a bigger load you will know that you are a stud. Do you ever hear a woman talk about a man who shoots a small load without laughing? Do you ever hear guys talk about how little semen they ejaculated? No.

Thick Semen Means Higher Sperm Count

Thick semen is associated with better fertility and a higher sperm count.

Many men who are having trouble getting their partners pregnant trying hard to increase their sperm production and make their semen as thick as possible.

Thick Semen Better FertilityAn increased sperm count allows you to have a better chance of impregnating a woman. The more sperm you produce will give you a better chance at becoming a father.

Not just this, thin or watery semen is often considered to be a sign of weakness.

Though it is an entirely different matter whether these statements are true or not, what is important is that having the right consistency and amount of semen can turn your partner on.

And also give you intense and mind-blowing orgasms resulting in a satisfying and highly pleasurable sexual experience for both yourself and your woman.

Having thick semen is a turn-on factor compared to thin, watery semen. How can you achieve this?

How to Make Your Semen Thick

Proper diet, exercise, a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep are some of the factors that can play an important role in the production of semen.

However, what men should also be aware of are secrets on how to increase the amount of semen they ejaculate and ways that ensure the quality of their semen.

The secret method to get thick semen is available in the form of supplements which are produced by drug companies with the intention to boost the male ejaculate, postpone orgasm, strengthen fertility and make semen fuller, whiter and healthier.

What are the “miracle ingredients” for thick semen?

Well, there is no miracle here, just pure science…


This natural ingredient has been proven in clinical trials to stimulate growth hormones and testosterone production 1. If you want to get it up, keep it up and experience explosive orgasms, this is a great ingredient you are sure to appreciate.

Zinc for thick semen

Look for a healthy dose of zinc in any product you are thinking of buying. Zinc is a proven ingredient that is vital for producing energy in our cells. The best semen products contain high amounts of Zinc and the increase in the volume of your load will be enough to convince you that it works 2.


Believe it or not, pomegranate, if enriched with ellagic acid is well-known as nature’s own viagra. You probably don’t have to be told what viagra can do for your libido. This stuff does the same, but with no danger of harmful side effects.

But what is more important here, pomegranate can greatly improve your sperm quality 3.


Next on the list of most important ingredients is Cordyceps. If taken regularly, Cordyceps produces chemicals in the body that support your testosterone, improve sperm quality and quantity 4 and increase your sexual appetite and stamina.

Before you rush out and buy the first product you see that includes all of these key ingredients, check out the levels of them the product contains. There are a lot of scams in this market and some brands just contain minute doses of these ingredients.

Use the product that contains them in the highest dosages you can find. Even if it costs a little more, it will be well worth it.

A lot of the negative publicity that semen enhancers get stems from the fact that so many products don’t contain enough active ingredients to make them work.

Disgruntled buyers conclude that these natural ingredients don’t work, but that’s just not the case. You just need to buy from a reputable company that gives you what you pay for.

Male Extra Can Help You Get Thick Semen

It’s about time now that you learn about Male Extra supplement.

How To Make Your Semen ThickIt is a breakthrough product that, besides other benefits, increases semen volume and help men achieve mind-blowing orgasms which are longer and more intense.

Male Extra consists of vitamins and minerals needed by your body to produce healthier, thicker and larger load of cum.

Male Extra is a mix of clinically proven ingredients mentioned above that not only boost your semen volume but also ensure forceful ejaculations.

You can easily produce way more semen with these pills that are clinically approved. Not just this, these pills can also increase the force with which you shoot semen so that you can enjoy more powerful and intense ejaculations that can heighten pleasure to a new level.

You can enjoy every sexual encounter with an increase in semen volume and thickness, better self esteem and an increase in sexual energy and desire.

It is easy. Simply take this supplement everyday and be able to increase your sperm output.

You can also ejaculate a large amount and impress your partners as well as have a more powerful and amazing orgasm. The pills work and are guaranteed to be effective.

The amount of ejaculate matters in every sexual act. It can be the subject of every woman’s sexual fantasy.

Women love men who can ejaculate large amounts. It is common knowledge that a man who can shoot a large load of sperm will have more sex.

And Male Extra can make you enjoy intense love making that your woman will also love. Your sexual partner will be amazed at how much sperm you ejaculate during sex and want you again and again.

Being able to shoot big loads will allow you to be the stud you always wanted to be, but never thought you could become. Simply by taking Male Extra each day will allow you to be more confident in bed, get more sexual partners and be more confident in life. Don’t wait.

Stop Premature Ejaculation

Stop Premature Ejaculation

Defeat your premature ejaculation problems!

Many men around the world have problems with premature ejaculation. They all want to last longer in bed in situations when they want to give their partner an exceptional performance and when it does not happen it could really ruin their confidence.

If this occurs more often it will definitely lead to even more problems. And even if your partner does not complain about your poor performance, you are probably aware that premature ejaculation alone is a big problem and sooner or later it will start to bother you. And if left untreated it may lead you to more serious issues such as erection difficulties and loss of libido. It no time, you will see that your sexual life had been ruined.

Your pride is hurt, but a lot greater than you is the spouse that endures quite possibly just about the foremost. Nevertheless she tries to comprehend your circumstances, you know she does not deserve it and is meant for something much more. You know that she warrants more nevertheless, you cannot provide. You merely cannot do the position and also you realize she understands that. Premature ejaculation can crack not just you your spouse in the process. So when the connection breaks or cracks, it breaks difficult, probably beyond repair.

How To Stop Premature EjaculationWhilst some various different men endure this kind of same scenario, there’s actually no requirement for you to become mired in the same problem as they are directly straight in. The actual simple proven undeniable idea that you are scanning this signifies you are close to something life changing and also value preserving your partnership. Is there a real approach on how to stop premature ejaculation in men? The answer then is simply yes.

Having self-help treatment methods are not an alternative. Experimenting may not be a good thing as it is your romantic connection on the line. For certain you do not want in order to be able for you to help test that and make the girl depart effortlessly your embarrassment with her. It is your face around the front line so better be tough to find remedies.

You will find basic ways to accomplish tougher and also greater erection to avoid premature ejaculation.  There are also some products for instant erection that may help you achieve this. Actually, you can have it despite you merely climaxed. The trick just isn’t something to learn in some website. It is understanding from many numerous a lot of investigation and also experience from being an excellent intercourse therapist. You will find tips for a successful staying longer during intercourse and the more time you stay in her, the more comfortable she will acquire.

Our conclusion on how to stop premature ejaculation

You do not have in order to be able for you to help endure all of your life. An appointment with a good sexual counselor having assured plan of action is what you need. Don’t get connected having ads on your own as it could hurt you more and this time around, include the monetary part also. Trust only the professional specialized in premature ejaculation as well as other sexual dysfunctions.

So, if you want to stop premature ejaculation you must be in control of your mental state during a sexual intercourse. When the mind is being intentionally controlled and focused, you will make an ability to control the time of ejaculation. Your mind and help of some proven and natural product can really help you stop premature ejaculation and have better sexual life.

Last Longer In Bed

Last Longer In Bed

Do you want to last longer in bed?

The average duration of an erection during a sexual intercourse is around 7 minutes. If you are not being able to hold your erection for an average time, then may be suffering from premature ejaculation (PE). It can have an effect on any man in the world. There are many causes to this problem and many cures as well.

How To Last Longer In BedNot sure how to last longer in bed and still struggling to find the right answers for your situation? It may be really annoying when you don’t know how to last longer in bed. Your partner may never feel entirely satisfied. For guys who have a problem with premature ejaculation, even the simple thought of having sex can be enough to make them want to hide and never enjoy in sex again because of fear of the shame of their premature ejaculatory.

Yet, premature ejaculation is an issue that can be fixed and our tips may be able to help you cope with it.

Tips to last longer in bed

Go to the bathroom before sex. You should always try to urinate before sex, because a full bladder can put needless pressure on your genitals. When the pressure is too high you are much more likely to orgasm too early. Prevent this by getting into the practice of urinating before sex.

Be gentle and slow at the beginning of sex. The first few minutes of sex are when your organ is most responsive to the sensations of being in the vagina. If you add fast thrusting over this already increased sensitivity you will probably have problems to last longer in bed.

Have a good pleasure perception. Have the routine of paying attention to your stimulation levels during sex and become aware of when you are getting close to climax. When you start getting close don’t just keep doing what you’re doing, do something different to decrease your stimulation levels, so you can last longer in bed.

Get her to orgasm first. One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is the pressure you may put yourself under to perform. This pressure frequently converts to premature ejaculation because of the negative effect anxiety has on your body. So, if you take here to orgasm first, you won’t feel as much pressure to please her, because you know you already have.

Have a strategic position change. If you are getting close to orgasm don’t just do nothing, take some action. A good way to stop your pleasure for the moment to help you last longer in bed is with a strategic position change. When you change positions you get a momentary break from the arousal. Therefore, take advantage of position changes when you need a little break and it won’t create any doubt from her that you can’t last very long.

Get her on top. This may be the best position that will help you last longer in bed. What’s great about this position is that you can completely relax your leg and muscles in it. By relaxing these vital muscles your body will find it harder to orgasm and you will be amazed at how much longer you can last.

Use some proven product that can help you last longer in bed. Will you be glad to have almost instant results that are offered by a gel to last longer in bed? While supplements and patches are certainly fine options for taking care of premature ejaculation, they simply cannot offer instant results that products such as prosolution gel offer. It is specially formulated to help in boosting the nitric oxide level in the body.

Nitric oxide causes the penile muscles to relax, expand in size and finally be filled with blood! This gel will deliver potent herbal ingredients directly to the penile tissues helping you to last longer in bed. If you are searching for instant control, you need to try Prosolution Gel.

Each of the tips above will help you last longer in bed, but I suggest you use them all at once for the best results.